Price: £210

Product name 1   “Fishing Nets”       Giclee Print  unframed

Price:   £210

Product name 2  “The Conversation”     Giclee Print   unframed

The figures are professional fishermen caught in the labour intensive task of netmending.

Product name 3  “Netmenders”             Giclee Print   unframed

Price:    £210

Price:    £210

Neeps or Turnips go through a selection process during the harvesting stage.

Product name  4  “Neep Tapping”            Giclee  Print   unframed

Giclee Prints at affordable prices available produced on high quality archival paper in limited editions of 25.

Strong abstract qualities come through in this vibrant composition. The geometry of the fishing nets is echoed in the shape of the boat.

Cottages in a clifftop setting are always an inspiring subject to Mike. In this case figures working in the field reminded him of some of Millet’s figures especially “The Gleaners”.

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