Mike describes his work as “new expressionism”. Heavily applied paint on canvas depicts highly colourful scenes verging on the abstract.

Influential figures in Mike’s art  are Turner, Van Gogh, Kokoschka and Mondrian. In his very latest works where colour is stronger than ever a familiarity with Jack Yeats, Georgia O’Keefe and Howard Hodgkin can be detected.

Rapid brushwork on thicker weave canvas and use of darker tones heighten the expression”. When Human figures  appear they are simplified into a series of loose brushstrokes.”

Travels to the Americas and intense southerly light bring about greater use of rich hues in the shadows and broad swathes of pigment across massive skies.

Bold brushwork and strong evocative colour are hallmarks of Mike’s paintings. His free handling comes close to German Expressionism and includes subtlety and draughtsmanship which captures fleeting atmospheric effects.

Mike putting the finishing touches to some pastel work previous to the opening of a recent one man show.

  Email  : art@miketurpie.com

  Cell     : +44 (0) 7952 611 416